A Guidebook to Kerinci

Below you will find jpeg pictures of every page from An Inside Look at the "Secret Valley" of Sumatra: A Guidebook to Kerinci.  This guidebook was written by Joy Natividad and J. David Neidel and published by the district government of Kerinci in 2003.  The book is the most comprehensive resource for information about the unique culture and history of Kerinci Valley that I've ever seen, and though the book was written about 10 years ago all the tourism information is accurate.  It is a great introduction to all the wondrous things you can see when you come to Kerinci; for visitors it would be easy to spend 5-7 days here visiting various natural sites.  I will try to post the book in PDF form online so that you can download it.  I am reproducing it here with the permission of the author.

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